Management Informatics

The High Professional Technician in Management Informatics is able to manipulate, edit and analyze information, act with scientific rigor, technological and operational management capacity, tactical and strategic, in matters such as analysis, design, modeling, production, operation and maintenance of computer applications, computer networks in organizations, decision support tools and software applications for business management. This senior professional technician, will be able to work adequately with the management software that major companies use, namely Primavera Software, etc.


2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTS


Labor | Post-Labor

Career Prospects

  • Contribute to the design, development, management and permanent updating of the organizations information system;
  • Manage and implement IT tools to support operational, tactical and strategic management areas, as well as analyze and interpret data to support the decision-making process
  • Develop applications for the functional areas of the organization, namely: human resources management, economic, financial and treasury management, stock management and procurement, marketing, etc;
  • Plan, design and manage enterprise databases
  • Develop, install and maintain servers, pages and information systems in Web technologies
  • Develop, deploy, install and maintain computer applications, using object-oriented programming environments and languages
  • Participate in the design of a secure working environment for enterprise networks
  • Apply the fundamental principles and techniques of project management;
  • Participate in the design of a work environment that meets the legal requirements of health and safety;


Holders of the 12th grade or legally equivalent qualification.

CET holders, CTeSP holders or holders of a higher education degree.

Over the age of 23 – those who have passed the tests specially designed to assess capacity to attend higher education.

Study Plan

  • Communicating in Portuguese Language | 3ECTS
  • Technical English | 3ECTS
  • Mathematics | 3ECTS
  • Sociology of Organizations | 6ECTS
  • Management Applications | 3ECTS
  • Economics | 6ECTS
  • Financial Calculus | 6ECTS
  • Text Processing Computer Applications | 4ECTS
  • Spreadsheet Computer Applications | 4ECTS
  • Marketing | 6ECTS
  • Algorithms and Data Structures | 8ECTS
  • Network Administration | 8ECTS
  • Accounting and Management | 6 ECTS
  • Data Analysis | 3 ECTS
  • Data Bases | 6 ECTS
  • Occupational Health and Safety | 3 ECTS
  • Business Law and Taxation | 3 ECTS
  • Project Writing | 9 ECTS
  • Internship | 30 ECTS

Partner Companies


Table of Emoluments

Application / Registration: 190,00€.

Monthly Tuition Fee (24 months): 190.00

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