Multimedia Products Development

Schedule | Duration

Daytime/After-work2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTs

Course Overview

On successful completion of this professional superior course, a technician in Development of Multimedia Products will be able to (independently or integrated in a team) conceive, plan, and develop information systems and multimedia products for the most diverse sectors of the economy, taking advantage of the different computer resources.


  • Design and development of information systems
  • Information systems planning;
  • Design, implementation and administration of databases and management support systems;
  • Development of computer applications to support the functioning of organisations;
  • Development of multimedia products;
  • Running computer applications and multimedia tools;
  • Management of organizational intervention projects and development of computer applications with the possibility use of the Internet;
  • Apply the standard tools and technologies for developing multimedia components;
  • Design, development, installation and management of information systems and multimedia products;

Entry Requirements

    • Entities provided with high-school education course or with a legally equivalent qualification;
    • Entities who have passed the specifically appropriate tests, which are designed to assess the ability to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, taken for the course in question, under the terms of Decreto-Lei n.º 64/2006, de 21st of march.
    • Entities provided with a technological specialization diploma, a diploma of professional higher education technician or a higher education degree, who wish to have their professional requalification.


Required Compulsory Modules

  • Communicate in Portuguese 50H
  • Technical English 50H
  • Math 50H
  • Entrepreneurship 50H
  • Introduction to Computer Science 50H
  • Data Base 60H
  • Networks and Data Communication 60H
  • Audit and Computer Security 50H
  • Project Management 25H
  • Communication, Visualization and Graphic Tools 125H
  • Creative Programming and Interactive Arts 75H
  • Multimedia Animation and Video Games 125H
  • Multimedia Programming and Mobile Devices 100H
  • Computer Graphics and 3D Animation 100H
  • Information Systems and Digital Marketing 100H
  • Design and Web Design Techniques 100H
  • Creation and Digital Treatment of Photography, Sound and Video 100H
  • Multimedia Author Tools 100H
  • Project 125H
  • Internship 800H


  • Regulation of the Conditions for Admission of Higher Professional Technical Courses ;
  • Regulations for tests especially adequate to assess the ability to attend Higher Professional Technical Courses;
  • Regulation of the of the capacity assessment test.


190€per month

for 24 months