Computer Systems and Networks

Schedule | Duration

Daytime/After-work2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTs

Course Overview

On successful completion of this professional superior course, a technician in Computer Networks and Systems perform (independently or under supervision) the installation and maintenance of computer networks and systems to support the different management areas of the organisation, being able to ensure the management and operation of equipment computer systems and their communications networks.


  • Plan and design communication networks, according to the needs of the organisation and reflecting concerns with ergonomics and safety;
  • Install and configure communication networks, in terms of cabling infrastructure, operating system, equipment and services, using the appropriate proceedings, in order to ensure their correct functioning;
  • Manage and maintain communication networks, systems, services and servers in a safe, efficient and reliable way, with the aim of optimizing their operation;
  • Participate in the design of a secure work environment for business networks;
  • Plan, install, configure, manage and support a structured database system;
  • Install, configure and manage e-mail platforms and Web services;
  • Know and analyze standards and recommendations, as well as ensure that the organisation generates its information in accordance with good practices, ethical, legal and social principles and international recommendations.

Entry Requirements

  • Entities provided with high-school education course or with a legally equivalent qualification;
  • Entities who have passed the specifically appropriate tests, which are designed to assess the ability to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, taken for the course in question, under the terms of Decreto-Lei n.º 64/2006, de 21st of march.
  • Entities provided with a technological specialization diploma, a diploma of professional higher education technician or a higher education degree, who wish to have their professional requalification.


Required Compulsory Modules

1st Year

  • Communicate in Portuguese 50H
  • Technical English 50H
  • Math 50H
  • Entrepreneurship 50H
  • Computer History 50H
  • Hardware Architecture 25H
  • Hardware Assembly 50H
  • Troubleshooting 50H
  • Hardware and Computer Networks 25H
  • Computer Networks (Advanced) 25H
  • Assessment of Network Needs in an Organization 25H
  • Installation of Local Area Networks 75H
  • Client-Server Architecture 25H
  • Network Services 50H
  • Data Server 50H
  • Advanced Configuration of Server Operating Systems 50H
  • Security Policies 75H
  • E-mail Server 50H

2nd Year

  • Configuring Services on a Linux Server 50H
  • Introduction to Operating Systems 25H
  • Client Operating System (Proprietary Platform) 25H
  • Server Operating System (Proprietary Platform) 25H
  • Open Source Server Operating System 25H
  • Open Source Operating Systems 25H
  • Management and Advanced Manipulation of Computer Word 25H
  • Processing Applications Management and Advanced Manipulation of Spreadsheet 25H
  • First Concepts of Programming and Control Algorithms and Structures in a Computer Program 25H
  • Structures in a Computer Program Structured Programming and Data Types 25H
  • Object-Oriented Programming – Introduction 25H
  • Static, Composite and Dynamic Data Structure 25H
  • Analysis of Systems and Structuring of Databases 25H
  • Creating Database Structure in SQL 25H
  • SQL Programming 25H
  • Internship 800H


  • Regulation of the Conditions for Admission of Higher Professional Technical Courses ;
  • Regulations for tests especially adequate to assess the ability to attend Higher Professional Technical Courses;
  • Regulation of the criteria of the capacity assessment test.


190€per month

for 24 months