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Contrato Financeiro N.º 2022-1-PT01-KA131-HED-000057686

Erasmus+ mobility has positive effects on educational, social, personal and professional development as it strengthens knowledge, skills and attitudes, improves employability, contributes to confidence and independence, stimulates curiosity and innovation, fosters understanding of other people and creates a sense of belonging to Europe.

At Istec, and through Erasmus+, students have the opportunity to do their internships in foreign companies, with a grant from the European Union.

Thanks to international mobility, students will have the possibility to learn new ways of working and other cultures; they will acquire skills for future jobs; they will develop their knowledge of foreign languages; they will gain maturity, tolerance and maturity.

Thanks to Erasmus+, you will be able to carry out such an internship, which will not only improve your language, intercultural and communication skills, but also acquire soft skills, highly valued by employers, and strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit.

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ERASMUS+ Programme - KA131 - Higher Education Financial Contract No.:2022-1-PT01-KA131-HED-000057686

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“In terms of strengths I would highlight the warm way in which the ISTEC team was received and the flexibility of the host entity in acceding to some requests for schedule changes. Naturally the jobshadowing experience in particular, namely the possibility to get to know a culture and a way of teaching different from the one practiced at ISTEC, as well as the support and clarification provided by all CEPNET colleagues are the most outstanding element of the activity.”

“The evaluation of both the promoting organization and the host organization can only be positive, both in terms of the preparation of the activities, before the trip and upon arrival. The monitoring and follow-up was done in a careful and attentive manner, through frequent communication, both at a distance (in the case of the promoting organization) and in presence (in the case of the host organization).”

“Participation in the program also allowed for the establishment of contacts with a view to developing future partnerships.”

“The program was very well organized, full support was given by the Erasmus Project. The promoting organization for hosting did a good planning and implementation of the project. With a great follow up in the field.”

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