Quality Office

The main objective of the Quality Office (QO) is to ensure the implementation and maintenance of ISTEC’s internal quality assurance system, including issues related to the management of the evaluation of the institution and its employees. This office is made up of:

  • Permanent members: a coordinator and a technician;
  • Advisory members: representatives of the various stakeholders.

The activity of this Office is carried out by the permanent members with the support of the advisory members in their corresponding areas. In order to guarantee the performance of its duties, the main competencies of the QA are to support the implementation of a quality culture, to support the internal and external evaluation processes at the Institute; to support the organization of the procedures inherent in the accreditation and evaluation of study cycles, and to collaborate in the regulation and development of instruments for monitoring the quality of teaching. More specifically, the functions are:

  • To collaborate in the systematic collection of information on the degree of maturity of the SIGQ;
  • Issuing concrete improvement proposals for the continuous improvement of the system itself and the functioning of the QA as a coordinating and operational structure;
  • Monitoring the actions carried out in order to meet the strategic objectives, namely through management indicators;
  • Producing documents to disseminate and plan the institution’s activities (reports and activity plans);
  • Creating and maintaining a structure for collecting, processing, updating and making available information on the institute’s areas of activity and development;
  • Supporting the implementation and monitoring of strategic planning;
  • Implement the improvement actions resulting from the application of the SIGQ.

The SIGQ of ISTEC is dynamic and receptive to all suggestions, which we would appreciate if you could send to sigq@istec.pt