Communication from the Director

In accordance with the Regulations of ISTEC - Higher Institute of Advanced Technologies (Ad nº 6466/2009, of 19 August), the formal responsibility for preparing the Institute's strategic plan lies with the Director of ISTEC, in coordination with the founding entity's direction - ITA - Instituto Tecnologias Avançadas for Training, Lda.

Therefore, This document results from the junction of the perspectives of the Institute´s Director and the ITA's Direction, attending the units of ISTEC: Secretary-General, Scientific Technical Council, Pedagogical Council, Internal Evaluation Committee and Student Provider.

Considering the 28 years of life of ISTEC, an inevitable observation is necessary: ​our ​devotion to the original educational project. Although the educational offer has adapted to technological developments and to the national and international context, information technologies have always incorporated the only and exclusive area of ​​operation. We must continue on that way.

We deliberately look for develop a efficient plan that would escape the easy temptation to confuse goals with desires.

I assume that this strategic plan constitutes the most important reference/guide for the Institute, and I will do everything to make its implementation a reality, over the five-year time perspective.

Naturally, we do not dispense the involvement of our entire academic community, without exception, towards a future that must rely on ISTEC.

Lisbon, December 31, 2015

José António da Silva Carriço

Director of ISTEC


As a higher education institution of a polytechnic nature as well as a teaching courses exclusively in the area of information technologies, ISTEC has the mission of:

  • Contribute to the improvement of the technological potential of the country's human resources;
  • Grant a level of higher education oriented to the exercise of a profession in the areas of information technology and multimedia;
  • Stimulate intellectual and professional training, as well as the mobility of students and graduates, both nationally and internationally, namely with the European space as a reference;
  • Contribute to the provision of services to the community, fundamentally, through the development of projects, in partnership, in the area of ​​information technologies;
  • Implement, in departments created for the purpose, applied research practices;
  • Promote and institutionalize measures aimed at the effective professional insertion of graduates;
  • Create, maintain and promote an effective and preferential relationship with the business and social infrastructure, both at national level and in its geographical area of ​​influence;
  • Participate in international mobility programs, by preferencein the area of ​​learning;
  • Appreciating and contributing to training activities for teachers, researchers and employees;
  • Guarantee the permanent updating of the contents and improve the set of learning resources available to students, specifically through the use of educational multimedia and online communication and pedagogical interaction systems, aiming the increase of the global quality of the teaching and the promotion of new ways of pedagogical interaction optimizing the learning times of fundamental knowledge and skills, facilitate and stimulate the students' initiative to create a teaching system based on the development of skills.