2nd Cycle

Master in Computer Science

The Master in “Informatics” aims to build and deepen knowledge in emerging areas within Informatics and Multimedia such as virtualization, cloud computing and application development for mobile devices.

In this sense, the general objectives of the study cycle are the development and deepening of skills in computer and information systems in an innovation and research oriented perspective, as well as contributing to the promotion of advanced digital skills with active learning methodologies applied to the software development of technological projects in the areas of Computer Science and Multimedia.

Thus, and since this is an area that is a development driver in the most advanced economies, we will seek to enhance technological development and innovation of companies and organizations through advanced qualification/re-qualification of their staff and agents.


Cloud Computing


Mobile Devices and Multimedia


2 years | 4 semesters | 120 ECTS



Academic Degree



Isabel Alvarez

Pedro Brandão

Career Prospects | Cloud Computing

The Master in Computer Science (Branch of Cloud Computing), may exercise functions at a higher technical level and high professional demand, in the following areas:

  • Information Systems Management (Use, Plan, Validate and Maintain IS / IT in enterprises at various levels:
  • Private Cloud Computing, Public Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud Computing);
  • Risk and security analysis of Information Systems;
  • Design and Development of Information Systems and Decision Support at various levels: strategic, tactical and operational (on-premise systems and cloud computing);
      • Digital Age company management (departmental, business area and global level);
      • Business Process Consulting;
      • Implementation and Administration of organizations with a high degree of digitalization;
      • Administration of enterprise networks based on Cloud Computing.

Career Prospects | Mobile Devices and Multimedia

O Mestre em Informática (Ramo de Dispositivos Móveis e Multimédia), poderá exercer funções a nível Técnico-superior e de elevada exigência profissional, nas seguintes áreas:

      • Design, development and management of software and products for the web;
      • Content development for mobile devices;
      • Design and development of entertainment software and games;
      • Consulting in the area of product systems for the web;
      • Development of e-commerce and e-learning platforms;
      • Development and implementation of content based on visual computing and multimedia;
      • Management and maintenance of information systems in Web technologies;
      • Software design for Virtual Reality environments.

Curriculum Structure

Computer Systems Architecture – 9 ECTs
History of Computing – 6 ECTs

Cloud Computing


Mobile Devices and Multimedia


  • Multimedia for Mobile Devices – 5 ECTS
  • Web Programming and Multimedia – 5 ECTS
  • User Interfaces – 5 ECTS
  • Cyber Security – 8 ECTs
  • Project Management – 7 ECTs

Cloud Computing


Mobile Devices and Multimedia


  • Android Development – 5 ECTS
  • Development for iOS Platforms – 5 ECTS
  • Mobile Web Applications – 5 ECTS
  • Applied Research Methodologies – 8 ECTs


DGES Registration

DGES – Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior

A3ES Accreditation

A3ES – Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education
(Recognized course for 6 years – NCE/18/0000006)



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