Computer Science

Course Overview

The master's degree in Computer Science aims to increase and expand knowledge in arising areas within Informatics and Multimedia such as virtualization, cloud computing and application development for mobile devices. Basically the main purposes of this course are the increase and expansion computer and information systems' skills - to a prospection of innovation and oriented research - as well as contributing to the promotion of advanced digital skills with effective learning methodologies applied to the development of software technological projects in information technology areas and multimedia. Our institute will seek to improve the technological development and innovation of companies and organisations through the advanced qualification/requalification of their staff and agents since this is an area that turns out to be an engine of development in the most advanced economies.

Entry Requirements

  • Graduated or legal equivalent in the areas of Informatics, Computer Sciences, Multimedia and Information and Communication Technologies;
  • Entities of an international higher academic degree conferred in accordance with the 1st cycle of studies organized following the Bologna Process' principles by a State that adheres to this process in the fields of the course;
  • Entities of an international higher academic degree who are recognized as satisfying the objectives of a degree in the course areas of the Technical and Scientific Committee of ISTEC;
  • In appropriately justified situations, entities of a scientific or professional curriculum, which is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Technical-Scientific Council of ISTEC;
  • Graduates in other areas with an appropriate curriculum to the density of the course, verified by the Coordinating Committee.