ISTEC Lisbon

Academic year 2023/24

In the next academic year 2023/24, ISTEC Lisboa will have three more courses: a Higher Professional Technical Course and two Bachelor’s Degrees.

The CTeSP in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence delves into fundamental concepts of robotics and artificial intelligence, acquiring essential practical skills to design, develop and implement intelligent systems, where topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and mechatronics will be explored, preparing students to face the innovative challenges offered by industry 4.0 and drive technological innovation.

The Degree in Data Science and Visualization provides solid training in the fundamental areas of data science and information visualization, responding to the growing need for professionals trained in processing, analysing and understanding complex information, combined with skills in emerging areas such as pattern extraction, software engineering, artificial intelligence, data science and ethics and data security.

The Degree in Network Engineering and Computer Security aims to build and deepen knowledge in emerging areas within computer science, as well as contributing to the promotion of skills in computer security and data protection as active learning methodologies applied to the development and application of technological projects in the areas of networks and computer security, including content on digital forensic analysis, cybersecurity and cybercrime or ethical hacking.

The 3 new courses also have strong partnerships with the business community, as these are areas that are proving to be a driving force for development in the most advanced economies. The aim is to boost technological development and innovation in companies and organizations through emerging and innovative areas of study for the job market.

Applications for the 2023/24 academic year are open and ongoing.