Erasmus+ is funded with support from the European Commission in fields such as education, training, youth, and sport for 2014-2020 period. It is part of the Europe 2020 Strategy that aims growth, employability and promotion of the social equality and inclusion.The Key Action 1: Mobility of Individuals is the largest action in Erasmus+ with 63% of programme budget supporting its focus on increasing mobility and skills.Through Erasmus +, ISTEC students have the opportunity to do internships in foreign companies, with a European Union grant. Due to the international mobility, students can have the possibility to learn new ways of working and other cultures; acquire skills for future jobs; and develop their knowledge of foreign languages. This experience contributes for students to gain maturity and tolerance. In addition, the program promotes language learning. The support for participants is executed online on the OLS platform (On-Line Linguistic Support).



Job ShadowingStaffAccomplishments

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  • Explanation of the Project Based Learning (PBL) in polytechnics;
  • Shadowing: PBL in IT courses, Web Applications Development;
  • IT studies in polytechnics;
  • In-company visit to students from Development of Web Applications and Multi-platform applications Development;
  • PBL in IT courses, Web Applications Development. Students projects meetings;
  • IT project, classes and foreign languages in IT studies.


"The great points I would mention the hearty way the ISTEC team was received as well as the host entity's flexibility in accessing some requests about changes in the schedule. The most outstanding element of this activity is definitely the jobshadowing experience, particularly the possibility of learning about another culture and a different way of teaching, but also the great support and availability provided by all the CEPNET colleagues.”

"Both promoting and hosting organization's evaluation is only positive, not only before the journey but also during the experience when I was already there. The monitoring and support were executed in a careful way, through frequent communication from distance or in presence"

"My participation in the program allowed me to establish the contact that could benefit me for future partnerships."

“The program was very well organized. All support was given by those involved in the Erasmus Project. Both promoting and hosting organization did a good project planning and implementation. Great monitoring during the experience!”