Lumiar Academic Campus

The Lumiar Academic Campus, which houses ISTEC – Instituto Superior de Tecnologias Avançadas, is located in Lumiar in Lisbon and has teaching and research infrastructures spread over more than 29,000m2.

Access to the campus is based on a varied public transport network that includes metro and bus services, located near the entrance. It is also possible to park your vehicle inside the campus.

The Lumiar Academic Campus is located in the former premises known as “Quartel do Lumiar” or “Quinta das Camélias”, at Alameda das Linhas de Torres, 179, in the parish of Lumiar in Lisbon.

Almost a century ago, Decree no. 2622 of September 13, 1916 (OE no. 18, 1st Series 1916) created what was then known as the Military Administration Applications School. This institution was set up at Quinta das Camélias with Colonel Macedo Coelho, who was later the first Director General of the Service, as its Commandant. It began its effective existence on November 6, 1916, the day the first order of service was published. Ten years later, in 1926, as a result of the new bases for the reorganization of the army published by decree no. 11856 of July 5 (OE No. 10, 1st Series 1926), the School of Application of Military Administration was renamed the Practical School of Military Administration (EPAM). EPAM remained at the Lumiar Barracks until 1996, when it was transferred to the city of Póvoa de Varzim, as stipulated by GEN CEME Directive 391/95 and GEN VCEME’s order of 10ABR96.

  • Stationery and Reprographics
  • IT Support Office
  • Student Association
  • Bar/Restaurant
  • Playground
  • Multipurpose area and exhibition gallery (273 m2)
  • Psychological Support Office
  • Communication and Public Relations Office
  • Student and Employability Support Office
  • Reading room equipped with PCs
  • Printing area
Lumiar Academic Campus

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