Purpose and Educational Project

The Institute has as its purpose the promotion and development of higher education in various areas of knowledge and its educational project is characterized:

a) For the high level qualification of its students, the production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the cultural, artistic, technological and scientific training of its students, within a framework of international reference;

b) For valuing the activity of its researchers, teachers and employees;

c) By stimulating intellectual and professional training, as well as the effective mobility of students and graduates, both nationally and internationally, namely within the European Higher Education Area;

d) By disseminating, transferring knowledge and economically valorizing scientific knowledge through activities linked to the social fabric;

e) By promoting and organizing actions to support the spread of humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological culture;

f) By constantly innovating and deepening the contents and permanently requiring the updating and individual training of its teaching staff, as well as by developing a strategy for applied research, through cooperative work between teachers, students and national and foreign specialists, within the scope of the various study and research departments;

g) For an education that, respecting first of all the country’s needs in the field of specialized higher education, is also turned towards the exterior, through the establishment of various types of protocols and collaboration agreements with other foreign higher education institutions, developing joint actions and sharing human resources, scientific knowledge and pedagogical technologies;

h) For researching and developing technologies that diversify and enrich the set of learning resources made available to its students, namely through the use of educational multimedia technologies and online communication and pedagogical interaction systems, with the purpose of increasing the overall quality of the teaching provided and fostering new forms of pedagogical interaction that, by optimizing the learning times of fundamental knowledge and skills, favor and stimulate the students’ individual initiative in order to create an education system based on the development of competences;

i) Diversify its training offer by promoting several courses and other training initiatives, not conferring academic degree, and shall present, whenever it considers it necessary and convenient for the pursuit of its purposes and its educational project, to the competent entities, for approval, the projects of new courses conferring academic degree, within the conditions set by the applicable legislation;

j) Establish with other national and foreign entities the cooperation protocols that will allow the gathering of the necessary competences, human resources, and technologies to develop the technologically evolved teaching model that is part of its educational project;

k) Under the terms of the law and within the scope of its scientific and pedagogical autonomy, it shall assign academic credits to other courses, as well as to the training and professional experience of the candidates, in order to allow for professional specialization or further studies;

l) Under the terms of the laws and regulations that will be approved, the Institute shall promote distance learning, using the pedagogical technologies of interactive multimedia and on-line communication and pedagogical interaction systems.